To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.
— Leonard Bernstein

This is a music festival for Singapore, with Singapore musicians as the backbone, celebrating Singapore talent.

As Singapore's importance and world-standing grows, so does its ambition to be recognised as a cultural hub of international significance. A festival for classical music enthusiasts has yet to exist here, unlike the numerous platforms for other forms of music, visual art and other lifestyle pursuits. 

As the number of classical music-lovers and classical musicians in Singapore continues to grow, they will undoubtedly feel left out as other forms of music are already well-served. Since there has not been a showcase here for classical music, we would like to take this opportunity to present a fully-fledged classical music festival for Singapore in order to fill this void.

A festival of this sort will fill a large cultural gap both in Singapore as well as in the combined regions of South East Asia and Australasia, where do exist a great number of classical music enthusiasts. More importantly, as part of Singapore's drive to establish itself as a leading cultural hub in Asia and the rest of the world, a world-class music festival such as this will rank it alongside other Asian cultural capitals like Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul.

With the Singapore International Festival of Music, Singapore's reputation as one of the world's cultural capitals is cemented for posterity.

Our Mission...

    ... is to identify and promote the best young professional Singapore musicians who have studied locally and/or overseas, and feature them together for the first time, alongside international guests and a select cast of experienced Artist Mentors, in innovative and exciting programmes. Chamber music is the focus, thus promoting an exchange of ideas and artistic appreciation - as well as fostering musical kinship - over boundaries of culture, race and age.

The Singapore International Festival of Music is also about discovery and intimacy: musicians and music-lovers alike will gather in the Civic District venues and experience music together in settings where the audience shares close proximity with the performers, much like sitting by the fireplace and having a story told to you.

We aim to renew the concert-going experience for Singaporeans: performers communicate with listeners about the music; and likewise, audience members are encouraged to speak to performers following each performance, asking questions pertaining to the music just heard - or just about performing.

The Singapore International Festival of Music is all about sharing: music is for everyone. It is also youthful and energetic, making use of our nation’s top young musicians to reach out to Singaporeans with the message of music - and that classical music is fun, beautiful and, above all, inspiring.


... are to identify and connect closely with Singapore’s classical music-lovers; promote classical music as an accessible art-form; identify, connect with, and nurture a potential classical music audience for Singapore’s future; and further establish the reputation of Singapore musicians locally and overseas. The Singapore brand of music-making, as the world shall see, is contemporary, invigorating and all-embracing.

Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.
— Malcolm Arnold, composer (1921 - 2006)