The following prizes and awards will be given out at the Singapore International Festival of Music Competition in each instrumental group and voice category:
(scroll down to know more details about participating venues/festival in each of the countries mentioned.)

soloists category

First Prize:
Diploma + S$1000 + international concert engagements at music festivals in Singapore, Indonesia (Jakarta), China, Russia, Estonia, France, UK, and USA

Second Prize:
Diploma + concert engagements in Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines (Manila), and
Indonesia (Jakarta)


Young talents category

First Prize:
Diploma + S$500 + international concert engagements in Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines (Manila), Malaysia, Indonesia

Second Prize:
Diploma + concert engagements in Singapore, Malaysia and
Indonesia (Jakarta)


The Organizing Committee may choose not to award a First and/or a Second Prize*, and also award the following additional prizes in each instrumental and voice category:

First Distinction(s)

Second Distinction(s)

Honorable Mention

Special Prize: Invitation to perform at the Singapore International Festival of Music Fringe and Outreach events

Special Prize: A year-long mentorship and support from one of the internationally recognised jury members

Best Accompanist Prize: Invitation to perform at the Singapore International Festival of Music



Participants invited to the live rounds in Singapore who do not make it to the final round will receive a Certificate of Achievement.


Participating Venues/Festivals

Singapore: Singapore International Festival of Music, Season 2017/2018

China: Sichuan Music Festival (Cheng Du) with Sichuan Symphony Orchestra/Recital opportunity, Season 2017/2018

Russia: Open Sea Music Festival, Moscow

Estonia: Suure-Jaani Music Festival 2017, Tallinn

France: Les estivales de musique en Médoc, Médoc Music Festival 2017

United Kingdom: various recitals venues in London for season 2017/2018

USA: Rhode Island Music Festivals, July 2017

Malaysia: Malaysian Rhapsody Festival, August 2017, Johor Bahru

Thailand: Recital opportunity in Sala Sudasiri Sobha Hall, Season 2017/2018

Philippines: Ayala Museum series with Manila Symphony Orchestra

Indonesia: Season 2017/2018, Venue TBC soon



*The jury has the right to not award all the prizes at their sole discretion. Please contact SIFOM for more information.